Finishing furniture requires electricity.

So we built a state of the art finishing facility with a massive air makeup & climate control system.  This ensures perfect conditions for applying the industries most beautiful and resilient finish.

Our top coat has the highest resistance to scratching of any available.  It repels everything from water to fingernail polish.  Glasses wont leave a ring, spills clean right up, & cleaning can be done with a damp cloth.

Dust with a cloth, clean with a light vinegar solution, that’s it.  Our finish requires no polish, no maintenance, and no special care products.

The stains we apply are formulated to accentuate wood grain as much as possible.  They visually explode the flakes in Quarter Sawn Oak, & bring our all the fine grained beauty in Cherry.  The top coat we use is a 2 part catalyzed varnish, similar to clear coat on a car, also often used in high end kitchen cabinetry.  Together our stains & top coat create a depth & dimensionality in the wood that is truly remarkable, the results often times look alive.