America is the best place to build furniture for Americans.

Nearly 100% of the money spent on Unplugged Furniture is reinvested back in the U.S.


Importing products tens of thousands of miles is inefficient, unproductive and wasteful. Each dollar spent on importing costs is a dollar invested in foreign economies and environmental degradation.

Foreign made furniture must be built and shipped in massive quantities as quickly and cheaply as possible to overcome the huge inefficiencies created by shipping furniture tens of thousand of miles to the U.S.  That leads to products of dubious quality not specifically tailored to your needs.

The materials used in our products are safe, sustainable, and locally sourced.

It allows us to invest our energy and resources in quality not quantity. Permanence not disposability. Beauty, uniqueness, & flexibility, not ubiquity & conformity.

Our production methods are an extension of furniture making traditions that reach back to the roots of our country.