What Factory?

Our furniture is built in small family owned & operated workshops, most with only 3 or 4 craftsmen. They are specialists in what they do, a chair builder just builds chairs, a table builder just builds tables. They focus on one thing & do it to the best of their abilities.  They take pride in there work & the beautiful furniture they produce.  They know it goes in someone’s home for a lifetime & feel a responsibility to make sure it provides a lifetime of aesthetic pleasure & worry free function.

And Yes, all the builders we work with are Amish.

They have the beards, the hats, & they all speak an interesting form of German.  No electricity is used in the production of our furniture prior to the finishing stage.  From the perspective of the modern world with instant, 24 hour communication networks, it is at times interesting to try and communicate with people who basically live in a nineteenth century world.  But we have learned to slowdown, & know any of our frustration is more than made up for by their no compromise build philosophy.

Amish-Youth-and-their-RideFreeman-on-the-Forklift-2 Copy-of-77Coach-Bending-Stock-and-Dust-CollectorAFCO-Sanding-Room-2

We work very closely with our builders & have developed strong and equitable relationships developing and producing furniture together.  We bring new product designs and ideas to our builders, & our personally selected builders provide exceptional build quality and tailor their operations to the specific needs of our customers.  In transforming our ideas from 2 dimensional paper to 3 dimensional reality we work together right there in the workshops to ensure accuracy and build integrity.  Over time any feedback regarding quality or possible improvements goes directly to the builders who are responsive & proactive in creating a better product.