Check out our Value Pricing for the best deals on hand made, solid hardwood furniture available today! The discounts available with our day in day out Value Pricing apply to everything we sell, with the exception of Stressless or Ekornes products at our Centennial location (that’s all the fine print we have right there).  The only brand of wood furniture we carry is our own, Unplugged Furniture, it is 100% made in America, 100% solid hardwood, 100% customizable, and 100% subject to our Value Pricing, no exceptions, no hold backs, and no gimmicks!

Of course our Value Pricing also applies to all other furniture we sell, not just our exclusive wood products.  This includes 100% of the upholstery, leather, lighting, rugs, and mattresses we offer (still though, not Stressless or Ekornes).

We call our discount structure Value Pricing because the furniture we sell truly is a value.  Value describes the relationship between the quality of the product you are getting and what you are paying to get that product.  We have worked very hard to maximize the quality of the product you get in relation to the amount you are paying for it.  Please come in and experience the look, feel, smell, and touch of our furniture and compare the value we offer to other stores, we think you will be impressed!

The word “value” also refers to a set of standards and principals that serve as a guide in life.  We value quality, the beauty found in nature, American ingenuity, and our customers.  We think our values shine through in every piece of Unplugged Furniture we deliver!”


25% off all Table & Chair Sets

15% off all Hutches Sideboards and Curios

20%-30% off all Bedroom Sets

15% off all other Unplugged Furniture

30% off all Upholstery and Leather (not Stressless or Ekornes)

40% off all Lighting

50% off all Rugs

35% off all Mattresses

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